Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer

With summer officially starting just a month away, it’s time to get some ideas for how to stay cool during these warmer months. While most people know about staying hydrated and sticking to the shade, there are a few more tips that many never take advantage of. Things like dressing with the appropriate clothing. I’m not just talking about the type of clothes, but also about the fabric. Materials like cotton and linen are great for the summer as they breathe well and are quite light (linen more so, you can even get a linen blazer and still stay cool and look sharp).

But even still, there are some great summer life hacks out there. Below is a video outlining some great ones that you could definitely use to keep cool during the summer months:


Dressing Up Your Drapes

drapes-1209999_960_720One of the most noticeable accents in your home are your curtains. The style and design of your drapery can really add to the decor and feel of a room…or it can complete distract from the look you are going for. While verticals and blinds are functional (and some don’t look half-bad actually), nothing brings up the style level like curtains.

You can find curtains at pretty much any home improvement or fabric store so they are not hard to find at all. But there are a few different factors to consider when choosing them.

The first is obviously color. Take a look around the room that you want to add curtains to and see what the color scheme it. Do you want to reinforce  the current colors or do you want to make them standout with a little contrast? This is an important part to consider when selecting a color.

Next is the material. If you want your curtains to keep light out, then you’re going to need a heavier fabric. If you would like light to get in even with them closed, consider a lighter material like linen. Linen breathes well (which is why clothes like linen shirts or a linen suit are made from it) and can even easily let a breeze pass in when not fully open.

Finally, there is the general style. This may not be too obvious at first, but if you start looking closely, you can see subtle differences in the way they hang, any patterns in the cloth, etc. Take a good look before you buy as anything you don’t notice now, you will eventually (and hopefully you’ll like). Things like the curtain rod are also a part of style and the color aspect also applies to it as well.

Making Old Furniture Into Something New

bloom-1846197_960_720When it comes to home decor, a popular trend has been to take furniture and modify it into something new and interesting. This has quite a few benefits as used furniture can be obtained quite cheaply, and (if you are a fan of DIY projects) the whole process can be a lot of fun. Not to mention that you are in complete control of the style that you will end up with so you can totally theme your home how you’d like to.

As far as how to make the actual modifications, that information can be found elsewhere, but here we’re going to talk about sourcing your materials. So let’s start with the furniture itself. Stores like Goodwill sometimes actually have things like tables and chairs and smaller dressers and the like. These pieces can be purchased for next to nothing and are great starting points for upcycling furniture. There is also craigslist which has loads of furniture up for sale.

You will also need some tools (unless you are only doing a paint or stain job) and these can be gotten at a local pawn shop in Davie. Typically, you can find all sorts of tool kits and power tools at a pawn shop for not too much money. If you are planning on doing several more serious modifications, then you would be best to own these tools yourself. It is also good to have a good tool collection if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer.

Lastly, there is the matter of getting ideas. Once you have your furniture and tools, you need to know what you would like to create, and the internet is a wealth of inspiration for this type of thing. Sites like Pinterest have thousands of photos and very often you can also find guides as to how certain results were achieved.

Once you have everything needed, all that’s left is to get busy. So good luck on furnishing your home with unique and creative pieces.

Tips For Cheap DIY Action

tools-1183374_960_720With the amount of guides and resources available to people online these days, the amount of people opting to do things themselves has never been higher. And we’re not just talking about simple repairs or paint jobs, but everything from advanced woodworking to DIY electronics. While there are lots of benefits to doing things yourself (not to mention the fun that one can have in engaging in one of these types of projects), one major one is cost.

Doing your own repairs, or building something yourself can often be a lot less expensive than going out and buying the same item or paying for the fix. As an example, I build a gaming computer for a friend for just $200. The same system would have easily cost over $500 had I gotten a pre-built one. So saving money is a big part of DIY.

The only place it can actually get a bit more expensive is in having the tools needed for the job. Without the right equipment,any project can bog down or even fail completely. And if you don’t already have the tools you need, this is where cost can go up.

However, there are lots of ways to get tools without breaking the bank. A few ideas are:

  1. Borrow them from a friend
  2. Get used tools from a pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale (people pawn tools all the time)
  3. Check out sites like craigslist for used tools
  4. Renting tools is a good option for larger, more expensive ones.

Another area that can get expensive is in sourcing materials for your projects. Fortunately, most DIY projects use simple things like wood, cardboard and parts from used objects. These things can be found for little if you know where to look…but that will be a subject for another article.

The Best Things To Pawn

junk-1680921_960_720If you are considering on pawning (or selling) some items at a pawn shop to get some fast cash, then there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, not every item will give you as good a return as others. Secondly, the condition of the items maters a lot.

Over at, this great guide to pawning items was put together and you can check out an excerpt below to get a good idea of what to pawn, and what you can do to maximize your payout:


Let’s start with the first big item – the main type of merchandise that almost all pawn brokers accept and some will sometimes only exclusively accept depending on the pawn shop.

Specifically we are talking about gold jewelry here, although some pawn shops will work with silver if you have enough of it, or platinum as well. Very few pawn brokers will accept stainless steel jewelry although there are some out there that will.

Gold jewelry is going to be looked at to determine the karat (or purity) of the metal along with how much it weighs. By multiplying the weight of the metal and the value of it’s purity, the pawn shop (like: will have a fair idea of the approximate value of that item.

Based on that approximate value the pawn shop will then offer you a percentage of that – typically between 40-60% depending on the stability to the gold market at that time and what the local competition is typically paying for the same items.

In addition, if there are any diamonds that are of substantial size and quality, the pawn shop will often pay you for those as well. However, it’s important to know that if we are talking about a bunch of little stones, those won’t bring nearly as much value, if any.

On the other hand, diamonds that are at least 1/2 carat, are clear and have good color to them will often be given appreciable value which will only go up as the size of the diamond in question increases. Once you cross the 1 carat mark, the value will begin to exculpate even more!

So when considering using your gold jewelry as an item to pawn, it’s better to have something that is a higher karat (14k+) and heavier. These items will bring the most money possible.

High End Electronics

The next major thing to think about pawning for fast cash would be higher end electronics such as large LED or LCD TV’s that are relatively new, new game systems, Digital SLR cameras, iPads, laptops (particularly MacBooks) and the like.

The value of these items will often depend on experience or what a site like eBay says that similar items in like condition and completeness will often sell for on the second hand open market.

If you are considering making a loan against a high end electronics item then make sure that it is complete and in good condition. If it is something that is rechargeable then it is in your best interest to make sure that the item is fully charged and able to be tested and verified to be working properly.

This is the type of item where missing parts and pieces can really cost you substantially and that is not what you want, so have it all with you. The remote controls, power cords, and if you have the original packaging materials those can also be a great thing to think about take with you – particularly for Mac and Apple products as the unboxing presentation can mean so much with these high end products.

Battery Power Tools

The next big thing on the list would have to be battery operated power tools such as saws-alls, drills, circular saws and the like.

With these it’s so important to make sure that you have all of the batteries, the charger and the tools themselves and that they all work properly. Just like electronics, make sure that the batteries are charged up before you get to the pawn shop so that the pawnbroker can verify that the tools work properly and that the batteries hold a charge.

When it comes to battery powered tools, age matters. Old 14.4v tools for instance aren’t going to bring nearly as much money as the newer 20v Max Lithium Ion sets from Dewalt for example. So if you have a tool that is 10 years old, just be aware the the pawn shop may not accept it and simply because they are so hard to sell – and when you do – they bring very little money.

Additionally, tools get used for work and we all know that. However, it is always best to spend a few minutes and clean them up first. It helps with the presentation of the tool and ultimately, if you end up forfeiting the loan, it gives the pawnbroker the impression that they may be able to sell it more easily which will only help you in getting the most money out of that tool possible.

Gas Powered Tools

Following battery powered tools would have to be gas powered tools. Here, the same basics apple which is that the tool should be in good running condition, able to be easily started and in good physical condition as well.

That means that when you take a gas powered tool to your local pawn shop for a loan, make sure that there is gas in the tool so that the pawnbroker can start it up and be sure that it runs properly. Failing to do this may mean that the pawn shop turns down the item as they will be unable to verify that to tool runs and operates properly.

Additionally, just like with the battery powered tools, make sure that the tool is as clean as possible and in good physical condition. 5 or 10 minutes with a wet towel here can really pay off when it comes to how much the pawn shop is will to loan you against it.

Better Bikes & Vehicles

Some pawn shops will do loans against bicycles and here again, what matters to them is the condition of the bike, the brand name and model and to be sure that the bike is in good riding condition.

If the bike has frame damage, flat tires or some other problems, the pawn shop may not take it in. In addition, if it is a really cheap bike from someplace like Walmart, they may also not take it in because of how inexpensive the bike was when originally purchased.

Likewise, some pawn shops may take other vehicles and cars. This can mean 4×4’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc.

Just like with gas powered tools, make sure that the vehicles are in good running condition and that the pawn shop will be able to fully test them out. Failing to do this may mean that the pawnbroker turns down the vehicle as they will have no real way of determining the condition of it and seeing if and how well it runs.

And like all things, taking a few minutes to clean up the bikes or vehicles before heading down to the local pawn shop can really help you in getting the absolute most money possible out of them. A lot of the pawning negotiation will come down to what something looks like and therefore how sellable the item is should you have to forfeit the loan. So taking the few minutes to wipe it down can really make a huge different in what you will be able to get out of those items for a loan or if you are just outright selling them to the pawn shop.

An Easy Way To Make Extra Cash

dollar-499481_960_720Many of us find ourselves in a position where the money we bring home isn’t quite enough. After all is said and done, the 9-5 grind doesn’t supply us with all of our financial needs. Getting another job isn’t typically an option as that allows for very little time for anything else (family, recreation, etc.). But there is a creative and not very time-consuming way that one can earn a little bit of extra cash each week.

This method is by becoming what is called a “picker”. A picker is someone who goes out and buys items for a little, and then sells them for more. For example, let’s say you go to a thrift store and find a good vacuum cleaner for like $20. With a little research, you discover that this particular vacuum sells online for about $70. You list it and sell it making a profit of $50. While not everything you find will necessarily sell quickly and for such a wide profit margin, you get the point.

Pickers get their wares from places like a Hollywood pawn shop, garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets and anywhere else where things can be found for cheap. Selling items usually takes place online.

This type of job can be done all during just one day a week. Suppose you get up on a Saturday morning and go hit up a few local thrift stores. You find a few items that can give you anywhere from $100 to $200 profit. You get them home, clean them up, take the photos and list them. This could all be done during the morning which means that you still have your weekend to enjoy. And adding a few hundred dollars to your income each month is nothing to sneeze at. Who knows, you may even find that this can earn you more than your regular job and decide to become a picker full time!

Deal Hunting: Thrift Stores

for-sale-1726365_960_720Welcome back to our series of articles about where to find the best deals. To recap, we have thus far covered the best things to find in Hollywood pawn shops as well as what kinds of bargains you can find in flea markets. Now, we will go on to a staple of those who want to live on the cheap: thrift stores.

These are places where items sold were donated by others. So the typical thing you can find here are clothes. Now, don’t think that you are only going to be able to find nasty, old clothes that no one would wear. While you certainly COULD find these types of articles here, usually the really bad stuff never makes it to the shelves. Quite the contrary, you can often find items of good quality.

These types of shops aren’t only good for clothes either. More and more of them are carrying household appliances, electronics, decor items, toys, etc. In fact, these stores are frequented by people known as “pickers”. They find items for only a few dollars and then resell them for a profit. So much of what you find in a thrift store will actually be worth much more than what you are paying.

The downside is that you don’t know what you are going to find each time you go. However, this can be balanced out by the fact that there are usually several of these types of stores in a single city, so you can go to all of them and usually come back with something.

You also need to know when they restock, as that will be the day to find the most new stuff. Some items will not move very well, and so you’ll see them there week after week. So you definitely want to be there after restocking has been done.

Deal Hunting: The Flea Market

sale-1149344_960_720Welcome to our second article about finding deals on specific items. Last time, we took a look at what kinds of things can be typically found in a Hollywood pawn shop, and now we will be taking a look at the ever-enduring and always interesting flea market.

Finding one is actually pretty easy as you can generally find listings online of where and when they will be held, so you can causatively plan out going to one, rather than just happen upon it. Now, what kinds of things can you find here?

Well, a lot. Take home furnishings and small furniture for example. Things like carpets, chairs, small dressers, stools, etc. Flea markets can often be quite varied, but these types of items can be a staple so you are pretty likely to always find some home furnishings.

Art is another thing that typically calls a flea market home. Be it paintings or metal-work pieces or glass, there are usually artists around trying to sell their work at an open flea market. So if you are looking for some interesting items to add to your decor, then this is definitely a place to go.

Older forms of media can also be usually found in good supply. Things like vinyl records (which is making a comeback) cassettes, DVDs and even VHS tapes can be found here. Interestingly enough, some of these types of media (like vinyl and cassettes) seem to be making a comeback.

There are loads of various other types of things that one can find at a flea market as well. They can vary depending on which ones you go too and at what time you visit, but there will always be a good find no matter when you go.

Deal Hunting: Pawn Shop Finds

bargain-1457948_960_720When looking around for deals on various items, you need to know where to look for which type of items to have an edge. In this first part of a series of articles about finding the best deals, we are going to look at pawn shops, and see what kinds of things you can regularly find there. So read on and let’s begin.

Electronics are a usual find in these types of stores. People will often pawn televisions, stereos, video game systems, even computers and laptops. So if you are looking to build up a home entertainment center on a budget, then this would be a good place to look.

Musical instruments are also a common item at a pawn shop in Davie. People often buy them at the first sign of their child showing some interest and then the instrument will mostly gather dust after the first few lessons, so they are quick to let go. You can find guitars, drums, brass instruments and others in most stores.

Tools are also another commonly pawned item. Complete tool sets, power tools and other types of work related machinery will often be traded for cash, so if you are in need of some equipment, then definitely try this one out.

And of course there are watches and jewelry. This is probably the most ubiquitous type of merchandise most associated with these types of establishments. I don’t think there really needs to be anything else explained on this one.

Finally, there’s guns. Another commonly pawned item, if you are looking for something for some home defense or sport, you can probably find an ideal weapon here.

Stay tuned for future articles about what types of items you can find in other places.

When Is It Best To Simply Pawn An Item?

question-1969018_960_720When it comes to getting rid of unwanted items from the home, selling the items is the best things one can do. It is not as wasteful as throwing things out, and can give you back some profit (as opposed to simply trashing or donating the whole lot). There is a major downside though, and that is that selling takes some time and effort.

This is less true today than beforehand. Earlier, you had to have a yard sale or something like this, which require some organization and a weekend of your time. Nowadays, you can list the items online. The only thing is that even with the convenience of the internet, some are still too busy to bother with it. Making the listing, posting photos, taking calls, shipping items, etc. So there is another alternative, and that is taking your items to a pawn shop Davie located.

Now, you are obviously not going to get as much money for them in a pawn shop as you would if you sell them yourself (the shop is going to try to turn a profit on your stuff) and you can’t pawn everything, only things with resale value (whereas you can try to sell pretty much everything else).

So when is pawning the best possible solution? Well, if you have items with some sort of resale value, and you just can’t be bothered to try to sell them yourself, this is better than getting nothing for it, and is quite convenient. I wouldn’t recommend this is you have any single item of great value (take the time to sell that one yourself). But if you have many things that could be pawned, and none of them are particularly valuable, then go for the pawn shop solution.

Finding Cheap Tools For DIY Projects

tool-384740_960_720If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then you know just how important it can be to have the right tool for the job. Even if what you are trying to do isn’t particularly difficult, it can be impossible if you don’t have the right equipment to hand. This is why it is usually a good idea to invest in tools and power tools alike.

However, if you are a DIY person, then you probably try to save money where possible. Don’t get me wrong, making things oneself if very rewarding all on its own, but it can also help to save a lot of money. So investing in expensive tools may not be something that you are able/willing to do at the moment.

But that’s ok, because there are plenty of places that one can look to find tools on the cheap. Let’s check some of them out now.

First, a great place is a pawn shop like this one:—sell-it. Power tools and tool sets are often pawned and you can find good equipment frequently in this way. You can call ahead so that you aren’t driving all around town trying to find what you need.

Garage sales are also a good place to look, but they can be hit or miss. Usually, people don’t advertise their phone number when having a garage or yard sale, and so you need to go to see what they have (which may not be anything you are interested in at all). But you can still turn up some great deals in places like these.

Flea markets are also a great place to look through. With low prices throughout, you can typically find something.

Getting Materials For DIY Projects

idea-1876658_960_720Doing things yourself is a great activity. Not only is it a good hobby, but it also can save you money and also leave you with unique items for your home or use. Once you get used to working with things like paint and glue guns (as well as other tools), things start to get pretty easy.

But there is one element that can remain a challenge, and that is of finding materials to work with. Finding the right kind of cardboard or paint or base item to begin with is where things can start to get costly if you don’t know how to source your materials. Certain tools can also cost a fortune and can make the difference between a good result on a project and a poor one.

That’s why we compiled this list of places where one can typically source materials and items for projects.

For clothes and fabrics, try second hand stores like Goodwill. You can find loads of stuff there, and not just clothes either. Books, furniture and even small electronics and computers can be found in this type of store.

For tools, I would recommend a pawn shop Hollywood. You can often find tool sets or power tools at a heavy discount. Not to mention electronics as well.

If you need cardboard (a commonly used item) you can look through recycling bins and even ask stores if they have discarded boxes that you could have. You’d be surprised what you can get for free just by asking.

For wood, you can often find pallets discarded behind stores and other places. Many times these are simply gotten rid of after a shipment and you can get some handy wood for free.

With the proper sourcing, you can get almost everything you need for your DIY projects for free (or at least very cheap).

Great Places To Find Good Deals

e-commerce-402822_960_720If you are like me, then you are a bargain hunter. You don’t mind scouring various places to find deals on things, new or used. Actually, you never really need the newest or latest thing because you know that there are fantastic deals to be found on older items that work just fine and would still be considered modern.

So then this article is for you! Keep reading because I’m going to list out some of the places that I’ve found to be great sources for various deals on all kinds of items.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way: the internet. There are so many sites where literally anything can be found as a reduced price. Places like Craigslist and eBay are chock full of used and discounted merchandise, so don’t ever overlook the internet as a place to find a deal.

Garage and yard sales are often hit or miss, but they can be great for knick-knacks and other odds and ends like small pieces of furniture, books, electronics, toys, clothes, tools and others types of items. If you ever see a listing for a garage sale, then try to check it out early as if the person went through the trouble of promoting it, then they may actually have some good stuff.

Flea markets are another great location. They are essentially like big garage sales. You can find furniture, craft items, clothes, media, electronics, and pretty much anything else. So the next time one is open, have yourself a little weekend visit and see what you can find.

A pawn shop in Ft Lauderdale are another good resource. Usually the items will be things like power tools, vehicles, jewelry, watches, electronics, etc. You will typically find a better selection at a pawn shop but prices will probably be a bit higher than at the aforementioned options, but still way cheaper than at regular retail.

Getting The Most For Your Money

credit-squeeze-522549_960_720In recent times, money is tight, so people need to figure out how to get theirs to go as far as possible. Between needing to pay bills and buy food, there is often little left for anything else. So when there is some left over, we want it to cover as much ground as it can.

This is why we’ve compiled the following list of tips to help people like you save money on various items.

Let’s start with food. Sure, coupon clipping at the local supermarket can help, but the real savings comes from buying in bulk. No matter if you have a large family or are living on your own, buying in bulk is the way to go. Things like meat and cheese can be frozen and last quite a long time. You can even freeze bread!

Electronics are another thing that can be saved on. Mostly by buying used. There’s usually no need for the absolute latest TV or computer. You can scour the internet and a pawn shop in Hollywood alike for secondhand electronics that work great and will last years for much, much less.

Furniture is another one to go secondhand. This one usually require a bit more digging as you want to find pieces that are in good shape, but with a keen eye and a little patience, you can easily find things that suit your home for a fraction less.

Baby clothes are something that I feel should NEVER be bought new. Your baby will outgrow most everything in a couple of months, so why spend the money? Thrift stores and places like Goodwill sell baby and toddler clothes quite cheaply, so you don’t have to spend a lot on very temporary clothing. Best part is that when you’re done, you can just donate them right back.

How To Get The Best Deals

buying-15810_960_720Buying and selling as a business is actually a little bit of an art form. Knowing how to talk to people so as to get the best price (either for the least when buying or the most when selling). So those who are skilled in this art will generally have more success in business and sales. So to help you out on this, here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind and apply when buying or selling.

Buying: Obviously you want to get the lowest price possible, but to do that, you’ll need to know a bit of haggling. You can start with asking the sales clerk if they can do any better and just leaving the ball in their court to see if they make you an offer. You can also try getting two items together for less than their individual prices. The prospect of selling two may make them budge. If all else fails, you can just make them a final offer and try your luck (be prepared to have your resolve tested).

Selling: Make the item you are selling look as new and clean as possible. See what other items are selling for that are similar to see what the market is actually like (notice that I said “selling” for, not “listed” for). Displaying a sign saying that all prices are final will avoid hagglers but may cost you a sale that you may only need to budge a few bucks on.

These techniques will help you whether you are selling in a garage sale, buying from a flea market, or doing either in a Hollywood pawn shop. Whether small business or big business, you can actually make all of these pointers apply.

What To Do With Older Video Game Consoles

xbox-1200296_960_720We are entering an age where the console is trying its hardest to compete with the PC in terms of performance. In the days long since passed, a console would be released, and that was it. There were no software updates, changes to UI, upgrades to it. Nothing. What you originally bought was what you had until you got with the next console generation. It was a total simplicity (which is one of the bigger arguments for console gaming vs PC gaming).

Now, things have changed. It started with console addons which first appeared in the mid 90’s (well, not if you count the NES Japan-only disk drive), and has worked its way to software updates, and now we are seeing upgraded versions of consoles halfway through a single generation. Not just an aesthetic upgrade or a smaller version, but consoles that are beefier and more powerful than their predecessors (while still being in the same generation).

So this will leave a lot of early adopters with their older console plus the newer one. So what do you do with the older one? Well, pretty much anything except taking it to a local games store. These stores pay only a fraction of what you could get selling it on your own, or even taking it to a pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Usually they only offer credit on other purchases, and the cash value is very little.

So here is a little list of things that would be more worthwhile to do with your old console than trading it in:

  1. Give it to a friend or younger sibling.
  2. Keep it hooked up for expanded local multiplayer.
  3. Use it as a media center for another room.
  4. Sell it privately.
  5. Pawn it at a local pawn shop.
  6. Give it to charity.
  7. Use it as a paperweight.
  8. Make it your “portable” gaming machine (the one you take to a party).
  9. Use it as a paperweight.

See? Plenty of other options.

Finding Cheap Musical Instruments

instruments-801271_960_720As a parent, you want to offer the world to your children. Giving them as much experience as possible in a wide variety of subjects will help to open their eyes to the possibilities that life has to offer, and help them to select a path that is right for them. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily cheap, and allowing your child to sample different things can add up in terms of cost pretty quickly. Especially in the world of music.

Music can be a wonderful thing to expose your children to, but it is unfortunately one of the most expensive, depending on the instrument your child fancies. Not only that, but how many times has a parent found themselves sitting and looking at a dust covered drum set that was used all of 3 times and then relegated to the pile of disinterest. As children can change their minds often, I would never recommend buying them brand-new musical instruments. So this brings up the challenge of where to find cheap instruments.

Honestly, this isn’t all that hard to do given the situation I just mentioned. There are plenty of people looking to make up at least some of their investment by selling the now disregarded instrument recently purchased. So go looking in flea markets, garage sales, a Davie pawn shop, and online listings to find these bargains.

Also, certain instruments should not be bought until the child has shown steady interest. Take a piano for example. To learn well, you would of course need to have a real piano to practice on. But, this is not necessary for the first few months of learning. A simple electronic keyboard would more than suffice (take my advice, I studied classical piano for over 8 years!). Same goes for the case of drums. An electronic set is way cheaper (and quieter) for the fledgling drummer and will still help them get their skills up.

Places To Get Cheap DIY Materials

tools-498202_960_720If you are the DIY type, then you know how important it is to be able to find cheap materials. Part of doing things yourself is that you have the ability to save a lot of money (as building or fixing something yourself is always cheaper). So finding building supplies cheap is a key part of that.

Part of this is sourcing materials. This isn’t always easy. But if you know where to look, it isn’t all that bad. So let’s look at some good sources for cheap building materials.

Cardboard is an easy one. Just look in recycling bins behind businesses and supermarkets.

Same goes for plastic and glass materials. Recycling bins will yield pretty much anything you need.

For metal, you have to get a little more creative. You can try a junkyard (which is a great place for many, many items) and even a metal recycling plant (if there is one near you).

Things like electronics are trickier as you will typically want a working model of what you are after. I find that ebay is a great place for computers and other electronics on the cheap.

Tools and the like can usually be picked up at a local Hollywood pawn shop for a low price. This is a good place to salvage motors out of drills, and other things like this.

Fabrics can be gotten from tailors. Sometimes they have scraps of cloth and other textiles lying around and if you just ask, they may have something they can let you use for free (or for very little).

You see? With a little ingenuity and thinking outside the norm, you can find almost anything you need by way of raw materials for DIY projects for free. It just takes a little looking around.

Use A Pawn Shop To Decide If You Really Need To Hang Onto Something

heirloom-454464_960_720We all have had the experience of sitting down to get rid of all the junk in the garage or attic, and coming across something that hasn’t been used in years, yet we can’t seem to part with. Be it something that has the “could be useful one day” idea attached to it, or a family heirloom, we tend to hang onto these things despite the fact that they only sit and collect dust.

So how can we decide if we should get rid of them? Well, an interesting solution would be to use a Hollywood pawn shop. If the item is of any value, you can take it and pawn it. Don’t spend the money, just hang onto it for the time being. Wait a couple of weeks and then ask yourself this simple question, “Would I rather get the item back, or keep this money?” If you would rather the money, then you know the answer to the dilemma.

This is an interesting little life hack as it forces you to only partially part with the item yet you still get some sort of return. This allows you to take a more balanced look as you physically have something in your possession that takes the place of the item (in this case, the money).

Give it a try and see if it can help you to make the right decision about some of your old items.

When It’s Time To Sell

question-mark-1750942_960_720We all have had the experience of having a closet, drawer or garage or attic full of stuff that we haven’t used in years. In reality, that stuff is just taking up space and we really don’t need it, but for some reason we just keep hanging onto it. Well, in the interest of helping the world hold onto less junk, I present this handy guide on whether you should sell something or not.

To use this guide, just run the item(s) in question through the following:

  1. Is it something you occasionally use? Sometimes, there are things that we keep stowed away that we still use, if even on an infrequent basis. Many are seasonal, but if it is still used (even if not very often) then you could safely hold onto it.
  2. Do you have a better version? I don’t know why, but some will insist upon keeping an old TV even though there is a newer and better one in use. If you have a better version of something, then just sell the old one already.
  3. Does it gold sentimental value? I get this one. You want to keep something because it belonged to your grandfather or some similar situation. Well, despite how you may feel, you don’t actually need the item. Take a few pictures of it instead and then get rid of the item. If you really can’t bear the thought of parting with it, ok, but a photo will keep the memory alive…
  4. Would you prefer cash over the item? You can test this out by taking the item to a pawn shop in Hollywood. Pawn it for a bit and then ask yourself if you would rather keep the money or the item. If the answer is the money, then you know what to do.

And there you go. If you follow the above rules, then you should be able to decide what you should sell and what you should keep.

Selling Things Fast (Not Just Through A Pawn Shop)

blowing-15795_960_720Sometimes, you’re just in a hurry. Some circumstance is preventing you from taking all the time that you would ordinarily have to get something done. Or, perhaps, you just don’t feel like investing a lot of time into something as you have better things to do. In either case, you may one day find yourself trying to offload a bunch of stuff. While you could throw it all away, that would be a total waste, as you could be selling these now unwanted possessions. But selling things takes time. How can you get rid of the stuff fast?

Well, there are a couple of options. Nowadays, you can go to a FedEX store, and they will take and list your personal items on auctions sites like ebay for you. Depending on the items, you’ll get a percentage of the sale value. You just drop it off and they do the rest. Not bad if you don’t want to do it all yourself.

There is always that option of taking your things of value to a Ft. Lauderdale pawn shop. While they certainly won’t take everything, you have a good chance at getting fast money for valuable items. Not the highest payout, but you get the money right away.

Finally, there is the option of having a garage sale. If you promote it well, you can often get rid of a lot of things in the span of a day. This does require some work, but if you aren’t too particular as to how much you make, you may just assign it as a chore to your kids and let them handle it (provided they are old enough).

How To Get The Most For Your Old Video Games

xbox-1199604_960_720It’s no secret that trading in your old consoles or videos games at a retail store will not give you the best amount of money or value for your goods. Typically, these stores will only give you credit towards future purchases, not cash. And the credit does not amount to even 1/10th of the value of the item you are trading in. Instead of doing this, you should seriously consider selling your items to individuals online.

If you have a collection of very old games or consoles, then you can check online to see how much these are worth based on the condition they are in. If you have an old Atari 2600 in good condition, you may be able to get a good amount of money for it, especially if it has some decent games to go with it.

Occasionally, you may find that one of the games in your collection is actually a cult classic or rarity. This is the best case scenario as the value will only go up for that particular item as it becomes harder and harder to find. So maybe you would like to hang onto it for a while longer and let it go up in price.

For the most part, you should check for the going rate of each individual item and list each accordingly. This will take the most time, but will net you the most profit. You could also offer a bundle, listing those choice items specifically to increase the overall price.

But, if you are in a hurry and want cash right away, then try a pawn shop (like this one at instead of a game store. You should be able to get cash as opposed to store credit and will typically get paid a bit more.

Saving Money When Entering Your First Home

new-1572747_960_720While buying a new home can be a time with lots to do and many different expenses, it doesn’t usually compare to the experience of moving into your first home, whether bought or rented. There is a lot to buy! Furniture, kitchenware, beds, electronics, appliances, and all the other amenities that go with having an actual home of your own. So there are usually a lot of expenses, many of which most people don’t think of till they become obvious. So this gets very expensive, very quickly.

But there are lots of ways that one can save money on this. Below, you’ll find a few great tips for how and where to get household items for much less than you would think.

We’ll start with kitchenware. The local dollar store (like Dollar Tree) has lots of items, from cups to dishes to silverware and even cooking implements like pans and spatulas. You can actually stock up an entire kitchen for less than $50 this way. Sure, this is not the highest quality stuff, but it will get the job done while you work on getting nicer additions.

Appliances and electronics can be purchased as a bargain from a pawn shop. Television sets, stereos, kitchen appliances and the like can typically be found for much less than at the store. There is lots more to be found at a pawn shop too, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Thrift stores and secondhand stores are a great place for things like curtains and other little adornments. You can’t have empty shelves can you? Places like Goodwill have all the things you need to decorate your home, if even to a small degree.

All these things add up to making your first house feel more like a home.