Dressing Up Your Drapes

drapes-1209999_960_720One of the most noticeable accents in your home are your curtains. The style and design of your drapery can really add to the decor and feel of a room…or it can complete distract from the look you are going for. While verticals and blinds are functional (and some don’t look half-bad actually), nothing brings up the style level like curtains.

You can find curtains at pretty much any home improvement or fabric store so they are not hard to find at all. But there are a few different factors to consider when choosing them.

The first is obviously color. Take a look around the room that you want to add curtains to and see what the color scheme it. Do you want to reinforce  the current colors or do you want to make them standout with a little contrast? This is an important part to consider when selecting a color.

Next is the material. If you want your curtains to keep light out, then you’re going to need a heavier fabric. If you would like light to get in even with them closed, consider a lighter material like linen. Linen breathes well (which is why clothes like linen shirts or a linen suit are made from it) and can even easily let a breeze pass in when not fully open.

Finally, there is the general style. This may not be too obvious at first, but if you start looking closely, you can see subtle differences in the way they hang, any patterns in the cloth, etc. Take a good look before you buy as anything you don’t notice now, you will eventually (and hopefully you’ll like). Things like the curtain rod are also a part of style and the color aspect also applies to it as well.