Deal Hunting: The Flea Market

sale-1149344_960_720Welcome to our second article about finding deals on specific items. Last time, we took a look at what kinds of things can be typically found in a Hollywood pawn shop, and now we will be taking a look at the ever-enduring and always interesting flea market.

Finding one is actually pretty easy as you can generally find listings online of where and when they will be held, so you can causatively plan out going to one, rather than just happen upon it. Now, what kinds of things can you find here?

Well, a lot. Take home furnishings and small furniture for example. Things like carpets, chairs, small dressers, stools, etc. Flea markets can often be quite varied, but these types of items can be a staple so you are pretty likely to always find some home furnishings.

Art is another thing that typically calls a flea market home. Be it paintings or metal-work pieces or glass, there are usually artists around trying to sell their work at an open flea market. So if you are looking for some interesting items to add to your decor, then this is definitely a place to go.

Older forms of media can also be usually found in good supply. Things like vinyl records (which is making a comeback) cassettes, DVDs and even VHS tapes can be found here. Interestingly enough, some of these types of media (like vinyl and cassettes) seem to be making a comeback.

There are loads of various other types of things that one can find at a flea market as well. They can vary depending on which ones you go too and at what time you visit, but there will always be a good find no matter when you go.