How To Get The Best Deals

buying-15810_960_720Buying and selling as a business is actually a little bit of an art form. Knowing how to talk to people so as to get the best price (either for the least when buying or the most when selling). So those who are skilled in this art will generally have more success in business and sales. So to help you out on this, here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind and apply when buying or selling.

Buying: Obviously you want to get the lowest price possible, but to do that, you’ll need to know a bit of haggling. You can start with asking the sales clerk if they can do any better and just leaving the ball in their court to see if they make you an offer. You can also try getting two items together for less than their individual prices. The prospect of selling two may make them budge. If all else fails, you can just make them a final offer and try your luck (be prepared to have your resolve tested).

Selling: Make the item you are selling look as new and clean as possible. See what other items are selling for that are similar to see what the market is actually like (notice that I said “selling” for, not “listed” for). Displaying a sign saying that all prices are final will avoid hagglers but may cost you a sale that you may only need to budge a few bucks on.

These techniques will help you whether you are selling in a garage sale, buying from a flea market, or doing either in a Hollywood pawn shop. Whether small business or big business, you can actually make all of these pointers apply.