Finding Cheap Musical Instruments

instruments-801271_960_720As a parent, you want to offer the world to your children. Giving them as much experience as possible in a wide variety of subjects will help to open their eyes to the possibilities that life has to offer, and help them to select a path that is right for them. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily cheap, and allowing your child to sample different things can add up in terms of cost pretty quickly. Especially in the world of music.

Music can be a wonderful thing to expose your children to, but it is unfortunately one of the most expensive, depending on the instrument your child fancies. Not only that, but how many times has a parent found themselves sitting and looking at a dust covered drum set that was used all of 3 times and then relegated to the pile of disinterest. As children can change their minds often, I would never recommend buying them brand-new musical instruments. So this brings up the challenge of where to find cheap instruments.

Honestly, this isn’t all that hard to do given the situation I just mentioned. There are plenty of people looking to make up at least some of their investment by selling the now disregarded instrument recently purchased. So go looking in flea markets, garage sales, a Davie pawn shop, and online listings to find these bargains.

Also, certain instruments should not be bought until the child has shown steady interest. Take a piano for example. To learn well, you would of course need to have a real piano to practice on. But, this is not necessary for the first few months of learning. A simple electronic keyboard would more than suffice (take my advice, I studied classical piano for over 8 years!). Same goes for the case of drums. An electronic set is way cheaper (and quieter) for the fledgling drummer and will still help them get their skills up.