Places To Get Cheap DIY Materials

tools-498202_960_720If you are the DIY type, then you know how important it is to be able to find cheap materials. Part of doing things yourself is that you have the ability to save a lot of money (as building or fixing something yourself is always cheaper). So finding building supplies cheap is a key part of that.

Part of this is sourcing materials. This isn’t always easy. But if you know where to look, it isn’t all that bad. So let’s look at some good sources for cheap building materials.

Cardboard is an easy one. Just look in recycling bins behind businesses and supermarkets.

Same goes for plastic and glass materials. Recycling bins will yield pretty much anything you need.

For metal, you have to get a little more creative. You can try a junkyard (which is a great place for many, many items) and even a metal recycling plant (if there is one near you).

Things like electronics are trickier as you will typically want a working model of what you are after. I find that ebay is a great place for computers and other electronics on the cheap.

Tools and the like can usually be picked up at a local Hollywood pawn shop for a low price. This is a good place to salvage motors out of drills, and other things like this.

Fabrics can be gotten from tailors. Sometimes they have scraps of cloth and other textiles lying around and if you just ask, they may have something they can let you use for free (or for very little).

You see? With a little ingenuity and thinking outside the norm, you can find almost anything you need by way of raw materials for DIY projects for free. It just takes a little looking around.