Selling Things Fast (Not Just Through A Pawn Shop)

blowing-15795_960_720Sometimes, you’re just in a hurry. Some circumstance is preventing you from taking all the time that you would ordinarily have to get something done. Or, perhaps, you just don’t feel like investing a lot of time into something as you have better things to do. In either case, you may one day find yourself trying to offload a bunch of stuff. While you could throw it all away, that would be a total waste, as you could be selling these now unwanted possessions. But selling things takes time. How can you get rid of the stuff fast?

Well, there are a couple of options. Nowadays, you can go to a FedEX store, and they will take and list your personal items on auctions sites like ebay for you. Depending on the items, you’ll get a percentage of the sale value. You just drop it off and they do the rest. Not bad if you don’t want to do it all yourself.

There is always that option of taking your things of value to a Ft. Lauderdale pawn shop. While they certainly won’t take everything, you have a good chance at getting fast money for valuable items. Not the highest payout, but you get the money right away.

Finally, there is the option of having a garage sale. If you promote it well, you can often get rid of a lot of things in the span of a day. This does require some work, but if you aren’t too particular as to how much you make, you may just assign it as a chore to your kids and let them handle it (provided they are old enough).

How To Get The Most For Your Old Video Games

xbox-1199604_960_720It’s no secret that trading in your old consoles or videos games at a retail store will not give you the best amount of money or value for your goods. Typically, these stores will only give you credit towards future purchases, not cash. And the credit does not amount to even 1/10th of the value of the item you are trading in. Instead of doing this, you should seriously consider selling your items to individuals online.

If you have a collection of very old games or consoles, then you can check online to see how much these are worth based on the condition they are in. If you have an old Atari 2600 in good condition, you may be able to get a good amount of money for it, especially if it has some decent games to go with it.

Occasionally, you may find that one of the games in your collection is actually a cult classic or rarity. This is the best case scenario as the value will only go up for that particular item as it becomes harder and harder to find. So maybe you would like to hang onto it for a while longer and let it go up in price.

For the most part, you should check for the going rate of each individual item and list each accordingly. This will take the most time, but will net you the most profit. You could also offer a bundle, listing those choice items specifically to increase the overall price.

But, if you are in a hurry and want cash right away, then try a pawn shop (like this one at instead of a game store. You should be able to get cash as opposed to store credit and will typically get paid a bit more.

Saving Money When Entering Your First Home

new-1572747_960_720While buying a new home can be a time with lots to do and many different expenses, it doesn’t usually compare to the experience of moving into your first home, whether bought or rented. There is a lot to buy! Furniture, kitchenware, beds, electronics, appliances, and all the other amenities that go with having an actual home of your own. So there are usually a lot of expenses, many of which most people don’t think of till they become obvious. So this gets very expensive, very quickly.

But there are lots of ways that one can save money on this. Below, you’ll find a few great tips for how and where to get household items for much less than you would think.

We’ll start with kitchenware. The local dollar store (like Dollar Tree) has lots of items, from cups to dishes to silverware and even cooking implements like pans and spatulas. You can actually stock up an entire kitchen for less than $50 this way. Sure, this is not the highest quality stuff, but it will get the job done while you work on getting nicer additions.

Appliances and electronics can be purchased as a bargain from a pawn shop. Television sets, stereos, kitchen appliances and the like can typically be found for much less than at the store. There is lots more to be found at a pawn shop too, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Thrift stores and secondhand stores are a great place for things like curtains and other little adornments. You can’t have empty shelves can you? Places like Goodwill have all the things you need to decorate your home, if even to a small degree.

All these things add up to making your first house feel more like a home.